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Predeterminado Re: Comportamiento de neumático DUNLOP AT3 en Nissan Navara

Hi, I have had a set of Insa Turbo Ranger's on my Pathfinder for a year now. Minimal wear after 12,000 miles. Excellent in the wet and sticky in the summer. Little known tyre, they are a copy of the last model of BF Goodrich All-Terrains which I had on my L200 Warrior. The BF's were excellent on that and I got 55,000 miles from a set!! Insa has bought the mould or perhaps makes them under licence. They are competitively priced and I would recommend them but if your budget isn't tight I'd recommend the BFG All Terrain. I live out in the country in Scotland and drive on many a windy (not as in blowy!) road in all conditions so I've given both sets a good run. I had Coopers on my Pathy when I got it but they were noisy and slippy. Click here
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